Friday, November 30, 2012

Working from the margins

After going to many, many meetings, I'm beginning to see some Leadership Types emerge:

I seem to be interested in being there and not directing but lingering in the side lines.. leaving room and pauses in discussions for Others to move Center Stage.

I now recognize some people who position themselves in the very center of the discussions and then work hard to stay there.  They move into all the good real estate and then wonder why nobody is as interested as they are.  They are always the "leaders", the Chairpersons; They quickly volunteer to write up the minutes or the talking points.  They are really passive aggressives who cannot tolerate the creative grazing that a meeting often allows... Here and there... and there.
They want summaries, action points...  They actually want to cobntrol the outcomes as much as possible and find the surprises or ambiguities of a true meeting very unnerving. 

Working from the margins allows Others their moments Center stage, their Solos... their chance to sparkle, discover, feel  and be essential to the meandering, unexpected  organic growth of the group.

This has something to do with my favorite shape: the Sensitive Chaos... where there a many little epicenters.  At out Seligmann Committee meeting today there were often three or four conversations going on at once.    Quite Tribal!  How Beautiful!


  1. Very rewarding and exciting to follow your work. I like the "Sensitive Chaos" graphic; very close to my heart. There is a book called Sensitive Chaos, which you are probably familiar; all about water. It is on the top shelf of my book list.

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