Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fugitive Materials

A few nights ago, I met a friend I'd not talked with in a year or more. His opening question:
"Oh, hi Dan. Are you still interested in fugitive materials?"

I was a bit dismayed. ("Is that what he thinks of me!)
But mostly I was pleased.

My whole life has been engaged with the ephemeral, fugitive, fleeting.
As a child, my grandfather would take me out "nutting" in the autumn to collect fallen horse chestnuts and pig nuts. It was seasonal--fugitive--activity.

I collected stamps and coins and much preferred the worn, nearly obliterated coins to those in mint condition... again fascination with the unseen--- those long dead fingers that had worn these coins into their current condition.

I've started retrieving these coins from boxes deep in the attic and am looking for ways to re-present the still powerful energies of the worn. They will likely end up as crown chakras on my carvings.

Did I start with "fugitive"? hmmm

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