Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 2, 2009

Just four months since the last tortured entry. What is a blog? Even with dear friends, smart friends, brilliant strangers, I get uneasy being escorted through their thoughts, arguments, wonderings, and analyses. I resist. I even resist my own blog--- just my turn to put the eye drops into someone else's eyes! Oh my gawd, even this is sounding like a BLOG! STOP

So, what I intend to do is
share ingredients. I find things.
I find references, quotes, words, images, videos... all of which have a charge of some sort. They are the atoms of the imagination. If I wait for them to all pair up into molecules, then into compounds and finally into Flubber, all that sweet early, primal charge will be gone. What a loss!

So. I'll use this blawg as a shoebox, refrigerator door, hydrator for charged particles of the Imagination, for me at least. If they have a buzz for you, good.

I'm rereading Sylvia Brinton Perera's Queen Maeve and Her Lovers: A Celtic Archetype of Ecstasy, Addiction, and Healing.
I'm revisiting Edmund Carpenter's work: Eskimo Realities, They Became What They Beheld and more.

Inherent Vice: The tendency of material to deteriorate due to the essential instability of the components or interaction among components

That SandFantasy You Tube

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