Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why Collect Things. The Hopeful Spiritual Hoarder

My friend David found this on a piece of paper blowing around in a parking lot several years ago.
Concept in Design

Objects, frequently remain idle around us for a long period of time. After we have used them, they rest inanimate, there, in our living places waiting to perform their next task and sometimes gathering dust.
I call this idling, the object’s “INANIMATE MOMENTS”. A moment when an object can offer us the most expressive possibilities. Now the object is there alone and perhaps not functioning.
Its presence has to speak for itself perhaps now it is only something to look at. In my view, as an artist and as a designer, this can be the signifying moment available when a design statement can be made; a moment that permits us to design in the object a moment-story: a metaphorical moment, a connecting moment.

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