Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a new friend

I recently met a Moroccan visitor to Warwick. Limna da Kec, has been visiting then United Sates for about 8 months and was told by a few different people she must visit Warwick. I met her at the Eclectic Eye, that always-open antique emporium on Railroad Avenue. We we were both looking through some paper ephemera. She pulled out one of those old paper milk bottle stoppers that had "Pioneer Farms" on it. Well, this is boring.
I did invite her back to my house, just a few blocks away to see an actual milk box with the inscription "Pioneer Farms" on it. Please, get to the point
Her great-uncle, it seems, was a Jesuit missionary to the Caroline and Marshall Islands and ended up as principal of the very high school I went to in Rochester in the early 1960's will this ever stop!
All right, forget the whole fucking thing. No more Limna da Kec for you.

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